About Chinstrap Beards


To help all men enhance their physical appearance by promoting beard and skin health. Our Brand represents a movement of empowering men to take their grooming more seriously.


About Chinstrap

Chinstrap Beards is the first men’s grooming company to bring you the Silk lined beard protector. Men are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of proper grooming and self care and are starting to invest more into their appearance.  Chinstrap Beards has made it possible for men to protect their beards and faces from the negative effects of sleeping on regular cotton pillowcases. We have created the ultimate solution for common issues like split ends, hair breakage, dry skin, and brittle beards. We also put money back in your pockets due to the fact that you can use less of those expensive beard products to maintain a healthy beard and hydrated skin.


Cory Holmes, The CEO and Founder of the brand has been fascinated by men's grooming and anti-aging products for years. He is on a quest to help men realize the importance of taking special care of their appearance. Being a former football player, he always quotes Deion Sanders... "When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good. When you play good, you get paid good." That quote does not only apply to sports. It applies to life. In college, Cory noticed his good friend Will A.K.A. "Diddy" covered his beard with a modified DuRag for a couple of hours before going out on Friday nights. He saw that the DuRag basically transformed Will's beard from straggly to tamed in hours. That was the origin of the idea. He also wondered why women wrap their hair in silk before going to sleep and later found that it was to protect their hair from getting snagged on cotton pillowcases. The Silk Wraps or Bonnets also protected their hair from split ends while keeping their hair and scalp from drying out.

Cory soon found that there was not a related product for men's beards. He got the bright idea to try and construct a prototype using his old college football Nike gear. He then bought a sewing machine, watched a short YouTube Video on 'How to Sew' and worked tirelessly to create a mock up of the image he had in his head.

Long story short, he ended up hiring a pattern maker to help bring his vision to life. He created the first 100% silk-lined beard protector that he calls Chinstrap. His Chinstrap Beard protector resembles the chinstrap of a football helmet. Now he has put out a premium brand that uses high quality materials to aid in enhancing men's appearances and helping them to exude more confidence.